Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (Yoga Alliance Accredited)

Course Modules

  • Asana, Meditation and Pranayama (Practice)
  • Anatomy and Physiology – The Physical and Energetic Bodies (Theory)
  • Philosophy – History and Philosophy (Theory)
  • Yogic Ethics & Lifestyle Practices of Yoga
  • Teaching Methodologies (How to Teach Effectively)
  • Practicum

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course is a four week residential practice and philosophy oriented program designed to provide a deep understanding of Yogic practice, history, theory and philosophy. The program deepens ones existing understanding & practice and  prepares students for becoming teachers. Through the study of numerous classical texts, prospective teachers will be exposed to the knowledge of the roots and origins that form the foundation of the Hindu system of traditional Hatha Yoga.

Along side a daily personal practice of Meditation, Asana, Pranayama and Shat Kriystas, significant time is dedicated to the study of Hindu Texts and Philosophy, taking practitioners deeper into the understanding of the history and study of yoga, mind, existence and consciousness, according to the Hinduism.

Course Outcomes:

  • A strong foundation and understanding of traditional HATHA YOGA Postures with their sanskrit names
  • Firm understanding and experience of Guided and other forms of MEDITATION
  • In depth knowledge of PRANAYAMA ( Yogic Breathing Techniques) based on daily  practice and scriptures such as VEDAS and UPANISHADS
  • A solid foundation of the ancient Indian medical system of AYURVEDA (Body Constitutions/types, Lifestyle, Diet, Cooking, Remedies, Treatments)
  • A basic understanding of the SANSKRIT language, pronunciation and chanting of mantras, sutras and shlokas
  • Understanding of MANTRAS and Chanting of Bhajans (devotional chants)
  •  Basic grasp of the complex system of Vedic Astrology